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Code of Conduct

These values
are important to us

Code of Conduct

These values
are important to us

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements in the area of sustainability and fair employment. It not only sets the standard for our own work, but is also aimed at our suppliers, service providers and business partners.

In addition to acting in accordance with the law, we expect all business partners to accept the following requirements and to communicate them to their own suppliers and service providers. Stannol reserves the right to continuously update this Code of Conduct and to have suppliers, service providers and business partners sign it in the future to confirm that it is binding.

The following requirements are accepted by our suppliers, service providers and business partners:

General requirements

  • to actively work against corruption and bribery in all its forms
  • to combat any form of illegal labour employment
  • to comply with the standards of fair business and fair competition

Regarding employees

  • to actively prevent child labour and forced labour in all its forms
  • to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees
  • to pay reasonable wages in accordance with applicable laws and observe reasonable working hours in accordance with applicable laws or industry standards 
  • to not tolerate any form of discrimination and promote equal treatment and equal opportunities for employees
  • to respect the right of employees to freedom of association, to join trade unions, to appeal to labour representatives or to join works councils, and neither favour nor discriminate against employees in this respect
  • to treat employees with dignity and respect and prohibit any form of undue disciplinary action
  • to establish an effective complaint management for individuals and communities where this can be done at reasonable costs

Regarding the environment

  • to actively promote climate protection, energy efficiency measures and the development of climate-friendly and decentralised energy supplies
  • to deal responsibly with environmental protection issues, especially in the area of resource and energy consumption
  • to organise the use of resources in production and consumption as efficiently and sustainably as possible and to give preference to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies
  • to use ecologically valuable and unpolluted materials as far as possible
  • to minimise the impact on people and the environment and continuously promote the avoidance and environmentally sound disposal of waste, waste water and other emissions
PDF Code of Conduct for suppliers (status June 2023)
PDF Code of Conduct for customers (status June 2023)
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