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Measuring and testing systems

Precision from GEN3 Systems

Measuring and testing systems

Precision from GEN3 Systems

GEN3 Systems

As a distributor of the British company GEN3 Systems, Stannol sells various process control systems exclusively for the German-speaking region. For these products we offer the complete after-sales service – including maintenance, calibration, repair and spare parts.

MUST System 3

Solderability test system (wetting balance)

The system can be used to reliably check the solderability on electronic components, connectors, contacts, PCB surfaces and other solderable substrates. The wetting balance test is based on a force measurement using the solder bath or ball block measurement method.

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CM+ Contaminometer Series

Testing device for assemblies for conductive residues

The device can be used to test assemblies and printed circuit boards for ionic contamination. The high-precision measuring system is particularly suitable for checking components and printed circuit boards during and after manufacture, at incoming goods, after soldering and during final assembly.

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Surface Insulation Resistance Measuring Device

The system can be used to reliably measure the surface insulation resistance (SIR) on printed circuit boards under defined climatic conditions (SIR test). The PC-based devices are capable of all common test methods.

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Measuring device for monitoring CAF formation

The instrument can be used to reliably test structures for the formation of conductive anodic filaments (CAF) using various voltages. Measurements up to 1,250 volts are possible.

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Ultrasonic stencil cleaning device

The cleaning device can be used to gently remove solder paste, flux and adhesive residues from stencils and screens. Due to the direct action of the ultrasound, an excellent cleaning result is achieved, which is similar to that of large cleaning systems.

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Stannol Thermologger 5000

Temperature profile measuring device for soldering systems

The 5-channel temperature profile measuring device developed by Stannol offers the possibility to set up and monitor soldering processes cost-effectively and reliably. The device is ready for use in just a few steps, and both the hardware and software are intuitive to operate.

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We are happy to support you

If you have any questions or would like an individual solution, our GEN3 Systems expert Nicolas Wiacker will be happy to support you.


Nicolas Wiacker

Technical Sales, Measuring & Testing Systems, HumiSeal

Email nicolas.wiacker­@stannol.de

Mobile +49 170 658 7212


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