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Solder Bars

solid and reliable

Solder Bars

solid and reliable

Our Product Selector – how to find the right solder bars

Stannol produces a variety of high-purity electronic solders for lead-free and leaded applications. These are available either as standard solders or as solders with special properties, such as reduced oxide formation (dross) and optimised leaching behaviour.

To give you a better overview, we have developed our innovative product selector. This provides you with a first overview of our most important solder bars. All alloys are also available as greenconnect version.

First define your specific area of application in the "Selector Guide" area. Then you can specify the desired alloy and define special requirements.  Afterwards, the product overview will show you which solder bars are best suited for your area of application.

Selector Guide

Ecoloy – lead-free solders

Lead-free solders based on pure tin with the additives silver and/or copper are suitable for all lead-free applications in electronics production. For electronics manufacturing, Ecoloy TSC (Tin, Silver, Copper) alloys have proven to be a reliable lead-free option. TSC alloys are available in different types and differ in the content of tin, silver and copper. The eutectic alloy TSC with Sn95.5Ag3.8Cu0.7 is particularly outstanding due to its low melting point of 217 °C and its excellent wetting properties.


The alloy TSC305 with Sn96.5Ag3.Cu0.5 has established itself as an industry standard. A lower silver content reduces the price and a reduced copper content ensures an extended operating time.


The TSC0307 alloy, which only contains 0.3 percent silver and 0.7 percent copper with 99 percent tin, is particularly cost-saving. Here, up to 90 percent of the cost-driving metal silver can be saved – with almost the same processing properties.



The TC alloy (Sn99.3Cu0.7) is the most cost-effective silver-free alternative as lead-free solder. The product advantages lie primarily in the absence of expensive silver, a defined melting point of 227 °C and good wetting properties.

Flowtin – Stannol's patented innovation

The Flowtin series of micro-alloyed solders was developed in our own research and development department. Flowtin is particularly suitable for manufacturing sites where a low dissolution rate of copper and iron is an important issue for a reliable soldering process. Due to low additions of Co and Ni, these solders have a significantly lower copper and iron dissolution. The finer grain structure of the flowtin solders and the optimised shiny surface of the solder joint should also be emphasised – another advantage compared to conventional lead-free solders. The flowtin alloys are patented by Stannol.

Comparison of different dissolution rates

SN100C – silver-free industry standard

SN100CTM is a micro-alloyed, silver-free solder that is used worldwide. Based on Sn99.3Cu0.7 with additives of Ni and Ge, it has been used in many wave soldering and HASL systems for around 20 years and has become an industry standard over the course of time. The SN100CTM alloys are cost-effective because they do not contain expensive silver. The two additives, nickel and germanium, ensure that both the dissolution rate of copper and the amount of dross formed are significantly reduced.

The SN100CTM alloy is a worldwide patented solder from the Japanese company Nihon Superior (e.g. patent no. DE 69918758 and EP 0985486). We have an official licence for the product and offer the possibility to purchase SN100CTM including its variations in well-known Stannol quality. In addition to solder bars, we also produce various solder wires in SN100CTM to ensure a consistent alloy in production.

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