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Our Mission Statement

Respect, fairness and loyalty

Our Mission Statement

Respect, fairness and loyalty

Moving forward together

This mission statement is the result of the joint work of managers and employees from different departments. It documents the common understanding of our cooperation and provides a binding framework for action, regardless of the area in which we operate and the tasks we deal with.

We want to strengthen collegial and appreciative cooperation in order to take on future challenges constructively and develop joint solutions.

All employees are encouraged to examine their own attitudes and behaviours self-critically and to align them with this mission statement. We see it as our common task to specify the mission statement for the different areas of Stannol and to fill it with life in our daily work.

A cooperation that is characterised by mutual appreciation, respect, fairness and loyalty.

Tradition since 1879

Founded in 1879, Stannol is considered one of the oldest companies in the solder industry worldwide. This results in a special combination of tradition and experience as well as proven knowledge and modern science. We will continue to expand the Stannol brand on this foundation.

As an owner-managed family business, we will continue to maintain our flexibility and independence in the market.

We act reliably and consistently. This creates trust and stability.

Our values

We want to treat each other with respect, tolerance and fairness because we are convinced that a good working atmosphere is only possible through appreciative interaction.

In this company, all employees are treated equally – regardless of nationality, gender, age, language or religion. We will actively oppose any kind of discrimination and racism.

We value team spirit and authentic, constructive cooperation.

We demonstrate regional responsibility through social commitment and support employees who do voluntary work.

Quality and service

At the heart of Stannol are advanced and absolutely reliable products, manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. Our certification according to IATF 16949 underlines this quality claim.

We offer our customers comprehensive technical support at the highest level. We provide on-site consulting in pre-sales and after-sales – worldwide.

We strive to transfer the quality standards of our products to our personal work. Thus, conscientiousness and diligence are our benchmark.


A sustainable approach to the environment is important to us. Stannol has therefore developed, as the first solder manufacturer worldwide, a consistent product line consisting of fairly traded and ecologically sustainably sourced raw materials.

Our approach to sustainability starts with the selection of suitable suppliers.

Responsible use of resources and raw materials is the order of the day for us. This starts with the efficient use of energy and raw materials and continues through various other measures to waste minimisation. Our environmental management meets the ISO 14001 standard.

Innovation and further development

Over the decades, Stannol has developed a wide range of innovative products and filed various patents. Our research and development department has made a significant contribution to advancing the technology of soldering. We feel committed to this innovative claim in the future.

We attach great importance to employees who think for themselves and give us constant incentives for improvement through their ideas. We also have developed an idea management system that allows everyone to contribute.

We promote the personal and professional development of each individual employee.

We are focused on our international orientation – this is how we meet the challenge of globalisation and growth.

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