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Social Commitment

We take action

Social Commitment

We take action

Supporting local projects

As a successful company with a long tradition, we are aware of our social responsibility and would like to get involved with people who urgently need our help. As an expression of our regional ties, we support local projects in Velbert in particular.

Managing Director Marco Dörr attaches great importance to ensuring that our help actually reaches its destination. That's why he personally selects the projects we donate to, focusing on institutions that are close to the people and put their hearts and minds into their work. This is particularly true of smaller initiatives nearby.

Leuchtturm Foundation

Stannol has supported the regional "TaschenFüller" project run by the Leuchtturm Foundation in Velbert with a donation. The project is committed to helping the children of families in need by providing them with the necessary school materials at a reduced price at the beginning and during the school year.

Key Region Velbert

At the Schlüssel-Region e. V. association (Velbert/Heiligenhaus) we are involved in project days that support local non-profit organisations in the area of environmental protection. For example, Stannol helped the Velbert Waldorf Kindergarten with a climate protection project and was thus able to compensate for 24 tons of CO2. In addition, Stannol helped to build new vegetable beds and sandboxes for two daycare centres in Velbert.


Velbert Children

The Velberter Kinder e. V. association also received a donation from us. For many years, the association has been doing exemplary work to meet the needs of children and young people in our city – for example, by fulfilling the wishes of disadvantaged children at Christmas.

Addiction and youth support

Stannol also supports the association Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e. V. in the district of Mettmann. To this end, we finance the guidebook "Sucht-Hilfe" (Addiction Help) for education and prevention on the topic of addiction. The guidebook is primarily aimed at parents, trainers and teachers.

Refugee Aid Velbert

Stannol has been supporting the association Flüchtlingshilfe Velbert e. V. for a number of years. Together with those responsible, it was determined which specific projects the donations should go towards. Because we believe that the key to integration lies in the ability to communicate, we placed a special focus here: A large part of the donations was invested in language courses for refugees, for example. Stannol also provided IT hardware and offered on-site assistance in the form of job application training. Stannol is supporting the association's current activities and remains in touch.

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