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Recycling & Disposal

full service for your solder waste

Recycling & Disposal

full service for your solder waste

Legally compliant take-back of solder waste

Stannol has voluntarily committed itself to taking back its customers' solder waste. This means you are on the safe side when it comes to the legally compliant, environmentally sound disposal of your solder ash, solder dross or old solders.

Every company that processes solders is legally obliged to dispose of the resulting waste products in an environmentally safe manner. This applies to both leaded and lead-free solders.

    The legislation has established the following requirements for this purpose:

    • The waste must be reported to the responsible authority.
    • The production plant is obliged to keep a record book on the disposal of the waste.
    • The disposal documents must be submitted to the responsible authority.
    • A transport permit must be obtained for each transport of the above-mentioned waste products.

    Environmentally sound disposal and reprocessing

    Stannol takes care of the aforementioned tasks for you. We deal with the complete logistics: from transporting the waste products to dealing with the authorities and professional disposal. We are also happy to provide you with appropriate transport containers free of charge.

    In addition to disposal, we also offer you the option of reworking your solder waste according to your own specifications – entirely within the framework of a resource-saving and environmentally friendly value chain.


    • Disposal procedure We dispose of your waste products and issue a takeover certificate. After analysis in our laboratory and melting down, you will receive the financial compensation via our scrap metal settlement according to the daily prices of the London Metal Exchange.
    • Reprocessing procedure We rework your solder waste into customer-specific alloys (calculating the reprocessing costs and deducting the melting loss).

    Please note

    Melting losses must always be expected both during disposal and reprocessing. The amount of these losses depends on many factors and cannot be determined in advance.


    These forms of take-back also apply, of course, if you want to shut down a machine, reduce old stock or replace existing solder baths.

    We are happy to support you

    If you have any further questions on the subject of taking back solder waste or would like an individual solution, our expert Claudio Sündermann will be happy to help you.

    Claudio Sündermann

    Team leader purchasing

    Email claudio.suendermann­@stannol.de

    Phone +49 2051 3120-143


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