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Solder Paste SP6000D

Using the flux system of our solder paste SP6000, we have developed the dispensable greenconnect solder paste SP6000D. Here too, more than 85 percent of CO2 emissions can be saved compared to conventional solder pastes.
Solder Paste SP6000D

Product Advantages

  • solder powder made from recycled solder
  • more than 85 percent CO2 savings
  • suitable for use with low silver content (TSC105)
  • suitable for fine pitch up to 0.4 mm
  • REL0 flux
  • reflow soldering process under air or nitrogen possible
  • very good wetting on most surfaces
  • RoHS-compliant


With the alloy TSC305 in particle size type 4 (20 to 38 µm), it can be applied to most dispensing systems available. SP6000D also features high tackiness for use on high-speed assembly equipment.

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